STRIX-X: In Speed We Trust - India's First Action Capture Hoodie (for All Mobile Phones)

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India's First Action Capture Hoodie, for your Phone. The best part is that all Mobile Phones available in India can be accommodated in the STRIX-X Hoodie.

The Action Capture Hoodie STRIX-X is all you need for recording your off-road adventures.

The STRIX-X pocket holds mobile phone tight at high speeds, bumpy roads and even on fast off-road trails like these.

Now all you need is your mobile phone to capture all your adventure journeys and rides. It makes for a perfect vlogging setup as well.

This Action Capture Hoodie STRIX-X will not only securely hold your phone at the right position for you to capture the best shots while you are riding, or shooting a vlog or even shooting any event but also adds an extra pocket which itself acts like a fictional pocket and a design element for the hoodie.

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